Student Organizations

LA has many different student organizations available for students to participate in.  Listed below for each club is the sponsor, cost for dues, meeting room and meeting dates.

Art Club 
Sponsor:  Eddie Street 
Day:  Called After School
Art Club works on artistic projects.

Beta Club
**Must meet membership criteria**
Sponsor(s):  Catherine Gore, Felecia Smith, Stephen Henson and Katie Norton
Day:  1st Tuesday - Monthly
Dues:  $30 New/$10 Renew 
An organization for 10th - 12th grade students.  The purpose is to promote the ideals academic achievement, character, leadership and service among elementary and secondary school students.

Drama Club
Sponsor:  Tammy Kennedy
Day:  1st Thursday - Monthly
Students that enrolled in Theater Arts II.  Students participate in performances for peers, elementary schools and the community.  Students must have taken Theater Arts I.

Sponsor(s):  Sara Bilbrey, Linda Halsell
Day:  2nd Tuesday - Monthly/Called
Dues:  $25 (includes t-shirt)

Sponsor:  Nate Kennard 
Day:  4th Tuesday 
This club is for anyone that would like to meet up to talk or listen about Jesus Christ.  

Sponsor(s):  Lora Clouse, Sara Greenwood
Day:  Monthly/Called 
Dues:  $30 (includes t-shirt)
FBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Sponsor(s):  Jason Copeland, Mac Johnson, Mike Johnson
Day:  4th Tuesday - Monthly
Dues:  $15

Sponsor:  Aleshia Reeder 
Day:  2nd Tuesday
Dues:  $25 (includes t-shirt)
For students that are interested in a health science occupation.

Junior Fair Board 
Sponsor:  Overton County Extension Office 

Mu Alpha Theta 
Day:  4th Thursday
Dues:  $20

National Honor Society
Sponsor:  Greg Dingwall
Day:  Called 
Dues:  $20

Outdoor Club
Sponsor:  Brandon Cross 
Day:  1st Tuesday - Monthly
Dues:  $10

Project Graduation
Sponsor:  Lauren Coffman
Day:  2nd Thursday
Free to Seniors 
Project Graduation Committee works on various fundraising projects to raise funds for the Project Graduation celebration held after graduation.  This committee brain storms creative ways to raise funds to pay for the celebration.

Day:  1st Thursday - Monthly

Rotary Interact Club
Sponsor:  Lauren Coffman
Day:  3rd Tuesday - Monthly
Dues:  $15 (includes t-shirt)

Science Club
Sponsor(s):  Brandon Cross, Tammy Smith
Day:  1st Thursday - Monthly
Dues:  $2

Sponsor:  Kendra Crisp
Day:  4th Thursday - Monthly
   Dues:  $10 (includes t-shirt)

Student Government
**Elected positions from every class.**
Sponsor:  Nate Kennard 
Day:  4th Tuesday - Monthly

Tri-M Honor Society
Sponsor:  Greg Dingwall
Day:  Called
Dues:  $15

Young Life 
Day:  Mondays at 8:00 PM - Weekly

Youth Leadership Overton

28 and Up Club
**Must meet membership requirements.**
Sponsor:  Lori Thomas 
Day:  Called Monthly (after-school)
Students must have a composite score of 28 or above on the ACT.

Sponsor: Nicole Marrero
Day:  Monthly Called 
Due:  $15 (includes t-shirt)