posted Mar 20, 2017, 8:20 AM by Marla Dailey

·        If you ordered a Hog-eye Hoodie, they are here…  See Mrs. Padgett in the library… 

·        Lip sync-rally - Don’t miss out on a chance to perform!  See Mrs. Padgett in the library to sign up before March 24th…. 

·        Testing tomorrow (Tuesday – the 21st) - JUNIORS - ACT

                                                                  SOPHOMORES - ACT Practice Test

                                                                  FRESHMEN - Benchmark Testing 


            Dress Code – You should not have any holes showing skin above the knee.

            Tobacco Products – Strictly prohibited on campus.  Tobacco on campus is against school rules and AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!!!  Students are being extremely disrespectful with cans, spit and tobacco.  Remember 1st offence is an appearance in court!!!


·        ACT Goals:  Composite Score – 19.9       Junior Test Date – March 21st !!!!!!!

                      English Score      -  19.6

                     Math Score          -  19.2

                     Reading Score     -  20.5

                      Science Score      -  19.9


·        ACT Vocabulary Word  -  deficit – the amount by which something is too small…


  • ACT Math Vocabulary  -  equilateral – three equal sides, all angles = 60 degrees…