Post date: Dec 5, 2016 3:37:44 PM

· FCCLA Coke Tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Bring to room #55 or #56…

· YEARBOOK ANNOUNCEMENT: Order yearbook online. $80.00 thru Jan. 31st – Cost will go up to $90.00 after that point –

· NO FOOD or DRINKS allowed in the library.

· Superlative Winners!!!!!!! - Friendly Freshmen: Wesley Smith & Macy Savage, Silly Sophomores: Dylan Johnston & Lashea Robinson, Jolly Junior: Jacob Craig & Caroline Huntley, Seniors:

Most Athletic – Xander Miller & Jaci Baltimore

Most Mischievous: Seth Peterson & Haley Clough

Late for Graduation: Kevin Linder & Carlsey Bibb

Inseparables: Austin Comstock & David Cannon

Most Likely to Travel the World: Austin Trull & Charlotte Clerckx

Worst Driver: Jake Board & Carlsey Bibb

Worst Case of Senioritis: Hayden Smith & KatieBeth Bilbrey

Most Changed since 6th grade: Lance Jackson & Jaylyn Hogue

Best Dressed: Noah McDermott & Mikala Brown

Most School Spirit: Austin Trull & Sydney Story

Most Likely to Succeed: Cade Arnold & Riley Smith

Most Unique: Dalton Clark & Hailey White

Best Personality: Zack Conner & Emma McDonald

Biggest Flirt: Ethan Phillips & Callie Carter

Most Dramatic: Jessie Hummel & Myla Sells

Best Smile: James Brown & Lakyn Conner

Most Dependable: Dylan Hayes & Carley White

Most Talented: Logan Watson & September Bingham

Most Creative: Dalton Clark & September Bingham

Best Truck/Car: Sully & Hallie Leftwich

Best Nickname: Nathaniel & Nolen Crummy & Kaitlyn Linder

Best Bromance: Austin Comstock & David Cannon

Most Likely to Dab: Noah McDermott & Kellsey Ray

Most Likely to Make you laugh: Benson McCormick & Erica Miller

Biggest Redneck: Josh White & Mikala Dickerson

Most Likely to Win So you Think you can Dance: Jared McCann & Sydney Story

Mr. & Mrs. LA: Brandon Tilley & Pacey Duncan

· ACT Vocabulary Word - aloof: not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant…

· ACT Math Vocabulary - evaluate: to find the value of a numerical or algebraic expression…