Post date: Sep 2, 2016 1:23:25 PM

· Seniors – the ACT test on October 22nd – FREE!!!!!!!!! – see guidance for waiver forms and details. The deadline to register is Sept. 10th

· #EverySingleWildcat – Checkout the LA Website. Lots of info…

· After School Tutoring begins September 7th

· HARRY POTTER FANS !!!!! - Trivia Challenge each day this week…

· Pictures orders are due on or before Friday, September 9th.

· COKE delivery has changed due to the ACT on the 10th. NEW DELIVERY DATE is Sept. 17th 9-11:00…

· SADD Club Sign Ups – See Ms. Crisp in room #1, Ms. Gore in room #15, or Mrs. Cobin in room #53. Forms are due back by Sept. 9th

· Congrats to Girls Soccer team for defeating Upperman yesterday 10-1. Congrats!!!!