LA Environmental Camp Held Recently

Post date: Sep 30, 2016 8:15:31 PM

When we arrived on Tuesday, students were tasked with establishing camp and getting their food prepared to cook that evening. We then moved to the pavilion where the boy scouts taught our students how to safely cook for themselves in the outdoors. Our students were also exposed to many creative and delicious foods prepared by the boyscouts. At the conclusion of this event, we made our way back to the campfire where Mr. Darren Shell came and talked with our students about the history and legends of Dale Hollow Lake. The students were in awe of his knowledge of local history and storytelling abilities.

Wednesday morning, students were up early and treated to an amazing outdoor breakfast. We then hiked to the fish hatchery where our students were permitted to work with the biologists and given a back stage tour of the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery. Students then returned to camp and prepared their own lunch. We then returned to the pavilion to receive water safety instruction from Dr. Robyn of TTU. Students then canoed / kayaked down the beautiful Obey River. Once off the river, students were bussed back to camp where they competed in a outdoor cooking competition. We then returned to the pavilion to learn about snakes and reptiles of the region from Dr. Jordan, also of TTU. Dr. Jordan brought along several snakes that the students were permitted to hold.

Thursday once again found the students emerging from their tents as daylight broke. Breakfast was prepared and students had to quickly break camp. Students were then bussed to McFarland Creek Outdoors where they performed stream studies with TDEC. Students had a competition to see who could catch and identify the most creek organisms. Students were then bussed to the whitetail deer farm at McFarland Creek to look at their deer herd.

Thank you to Mrs. Thomas, Mr. Lee, and Ms. Bennett for helping chaperone. Each year we always comment how easy our students make this trip. This year was no exception. Great students and great trip!!!! Sorry it took me so long to upload pics.

Special thanks to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for hosting this event again this year.