LA has the Tackiest Christmas Sweaters!!

Post date: Dec 15, 2014 4:36:59 PM

LA held an Ugly/Tacky Christmas Sweater day on Friday, December 12, which also happened to be the nationally recognized date for Ugly/Tacky Christmas Sweaters!

All of the students and teachers that participated are pictured above.

The best (worst) dressed students/faculty were picked to compete in the Ugliest/Tackiest Christmas sweater contest. The following students/teachers were the finalists in the contest:

1. Cheyenne Buchanan

2. Emily Trull

3. Hannah Houser

4. Kelsey Linder

5. Gabby Snow

6. Baily D. Long

7. Kyra Dailey

8. Tucker Webb

9. Cheyenne Geist

10. Kierra Dunn

11. Ashland Dillon

12. Marley Gibbons

13. Mr. Michael Smith

14. Nolan Crummy

15. Jacob Hawkins

16. Nina Hodges

17. Crystal Marie Alberson

18. Allie Clouse

19. Duncan Richardson

20. Makayla Carr

The winners were selected by a highly qualified group of judges, and are as follows:

Overall Winner for the Ugliest Sweater - Hannah Houser

Most Creative - Nina Hodges and Crystal Marie Auberson

Tackiest - Tucker Webb, Makayla Carr

Cutest - Ashland Dillon, Marley Gibbons, Cheyenne Geist

Most Effort - Nolan Crummy

Best Dressed Teacher - Mr. Michael Smith