Second Annual Standing Stone Backpacking Adventure

Post date: Jan 20, 2017 8:02:00 PM

On Monday, December 19th, 2016, the Livingston Academy Outdoor Club headed to Standing Stone State Park to meet up with Jackson County and participate in the Second Annual Standing Stone Backpacking Adventure. Let me begin by saying it was COLD. When we unloaded the bus that afternoon in the campground, students began setting up camp in balmy 25* weather. Once camp was established, we hiked to the Rec Hall where students received specialized classes on the challenges they would face over the course of the competition.

Tuesday morning, students emerged from their tents and it was a scorching 15 degrees outside. After a pancake breakfast, their teams hit the trail and began hiking the 5 miles around beautiful Kelly Lake. The first competition they encountered was fly fishing. Here hikers were given a short lesson in casting and then competed hitting a target with their "flys". They then made their way on to fire building. Students there had to build a fire with flint and steel and a second fire given only a single match. They continued on the trail until they encountered the TWRA station where they had to identify animal skulls, furs, and habitats. The next stop was hosted by Tennessee Department of Forestry. Here campers had to identify 11 unique varieties of trees by both bark and leaves. At the next station, they competed in first aid skills and shelter building. Then they were on to the water quality station that was hosted by TDEC. The final stop on the trail was a team building activity.

I am so proud of our student and the effort and example they always set forth during these events. Also proud of all the students from Jackson County that participated in this event. Special thanks to Standing Stone State Park, TWRA, TDEC, and Forestry. None of this would ever be possible with out them. Also thank you to Mark Lee, Mike Johnson, Kacy Bennett, Lori Thomas, and all the others that are always willing to do whatever to ensure the Outdoor Club in successful.

Livingston Academy teams were able to win first and third places in this event. We have some pretty amazing kids!!!!