Solar Hot Dog Competition Heats Up!!!

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 8:35:55 PM

Algebra II students from Mr. Newman's, Mrs. Jolley's, and Mr. Cross' classes at LA had a solar hot dog cooking competition this week. During our unit on Parabolas, students employed the concepts of Parabolas and the focus of parabolas to design Solar Hot Dog cookers for extra credit. In order to compete in this competition, students had to draw up a "blue print" of their design and get their material list approved. Once approved, students built their designs. To their amazement, most of the designs were effective in heating the hot dog.

Here are the winners that reached the highest temp during each block.

1st Block - Dalton Clark

2nd Block - Jaylyn Hogue

4th Block - Kourtney Wilson and Cindy Burchett

5th Block - Cade Poston and Isaac Sullivan